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Garrod Painting of Naples – Painters Naples Florida¬†: They did a great a great job on one of our rental properties that we have in Naples Florida, So I would recommend them to anyone in that area, they are based out of Punta Gorda but they do such a good job that its worth paying them the extra to come out and give you a bid and do your property right the first. Not like most painting company’s were they do the majority of the job and you end up going to home depot to buy some paint to touch up what they forget. I own quite a few rental properties and that has happened quite often. but when I hired Garrod painting that no longer was in issue becuase they have to come all the way out from Punta Gorda and they make sure the job is done and done right so they do not have to come back, either that or they just do a good job in general

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Tom- Naples Florida


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